Ski Touring For First Timers

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Despite unprecedented increases in the cost of lift tickets + season passes (Vail’s daily ticket is $165+ per day!), ski areas continue to see historic crowds. One of the best ways to avoid the financial and mental burdens of resort skiing, is to hit the backcountry. While many skiers immediately think of lavish heliskiing trips as their only way to reach the pow, a simple alpine touring setup and local guide will suffice, which will allow you to reach much of the action you see in ski magazines and movies at a fraction of the cost.

Top Ski Resorts for Thanksgiving Snow

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To call this a mild November would be quite an understatement. Mountain biking and rock climbing are still in full effect throughout Utah and California, even at the high elevations, as warm water and steady swell continue to blanket the East Coast. Resorts are pushing back their opening dates left and right, but ff you’re jonesing to get some Thanksgiving riding in, we’ve compiled a few of the best places to go. And if all else fails, head to Europe

5 Great Reasons To Take Your Avy 1 This Year

Photo courtesy of Aspen Expeditions

Photo courtesy of Aspen Expeditions

Backcountry ski + snowboard technology has made tremendous improvements over the past ten years, and with it comes increased access to new terrain. Boots and bindings are getting lighter, social media allows us to see conditions as they unfold, and snowmobiles allow us to go deeper into the wilderness. As news reports about avalanche fatalities will undoubtedly begin to roll in this winter, there is one thing you can do to prevent the next headline.

8 Outdoor Adventures Near Boston

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City life has many benefits, but there’s nothing like the great outdoors to nourish the soul. Residents of Boston have the best of both worlds — no shortage of standard urban day- and night-life activities to choose from, and plenty of outdoor adventures just a car ride away.

Here are 8 such getaways, all do-able within a single day.

Taking a Personalized Approach: Aspen Alpine Guides Profile

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Aspen Alpine Guides has been leading year-round adventures in the Elk Mountains and around Colorado since 1987, so they’ve learned a thing or two about communication.

Mountain guides spend the majority of the day chatting with their clients, but it’s not just to make conversation. Guides can monitor the health and fitness of their clients, just by conversing with them. If the client is able to have a full conservation, the guide might be able to push the pace. If the client is responding with phrases, linked by breaths, the pace might be ideal. And if the client replies with one-word answers, the guide knows to slow the pace—that’s it not sustainable. They may or may not make the summit, or the end point of the hike, but safety is Aspen Alpine Guide’s number-one concern.

Winter Stoke: Our Favorite Ski & Snowboard Films of 2016

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Ski and snowboard season starts long before the first chairlift turns, before the resorts open, even before the first snow. The first rite of winter season is the release of each year’s new crop of ski and snowboard films. 

Some of these films have been circulating for a few weeks now, The Hinterlands team is heading to Aspen this weekend to take part in the snow industry’s favorite film festival, The Meeting. It’s a snow film-festival, plus industry conference, plus early-season stoke-builder in one of America’s great mountain towns.

Exploring the White Mountains of New Hampshire

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The iconic White Mountains of New Hampshire: Home to Mount Washington, the Presidential Range, a stretch of the Appalachian Trail, and some of the best climbing, hiking, and mountaineering the East has to offer.

With easy access via I-93 N, this range — and the White Mountain National Forest that encompasses much of it — is a hard-to-resist attraction for many Bostonians looking for some elevation. And there are quite a few visitors, this National Forest sees more annual visitors than Yellowstone and Yosemite combined!

Connecticut Class V

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5 Must-Paddle Stretches of New England’s Longest River

The Connecticut River is one of New England’s most beautiful and storied waterways. Flowing south through four states, it was once the scene of the epic log drives that provided the raw material for the building of 19th century New England towns.

At over 400 miles, the Connecticut is the region’s longest river and home to some prime paddling stretches. Here are a few of the tastiest, listed from North to South:

5 Best Trails for Fall Foliage in Aspen

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As August’s afternoon thunderstorms give way to September’s crisp, clear days, Aspen mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners rejoice. It all begins with the brush turning shades of copper and auburn. By the second week of September, a handful of the town’s namesake trees fade to gold. And by the third or fourth week of the month, depending on the season’s weather, entire valleys of Aspens glow neon yellow. The best way to experience the phenomenon is on foot or bike. The trancelike state one achieves following a friend’s wheel as it churns up a rooster tail of yellow aspen leaves is second to none.

Fly Fishing the Roaring Fork

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I grew up fishing lakes and rivers of the South, but I never touched a fly rod like my father always wanted me to. Too complicated, too fussy.

That all changed this August. I was staying with a few friends in Aspen, which is home to world-renowned trout fishing and guides that match the quality of the water. On a cool, late-August morning, we booked a trip with Hinterlands for a half-day fishing on the Roaring Fork River — a chance to finally cast a fly rod and see what all the fuss is about.

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